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Auto Body Repair and Refinishing

Cadillac Auto Body Repair

Bumper RepairIn today’s cars, the actual “bumper” part of a front or rear bumper is invisible. The part of the car’s structure that’s used for saving the vehicle’s body from damage is well hidden behind a fairly large semi-rigid piece of painted plastic. This plastic covering is designed to deflect and deform easily when bumped.

The theory goes that you can run into it lightly and the plastic will pop back into its original shape. However, even at a very low speed, any impact with a hard or sharp object will abrade, cut or tear the bumper.

Our experienced technicians can repair scuffed, scratched, dented, detached and even torn bumpers in some cases for much less than the cost of a replacement bumper. We use the same high quality paint products by the auto manufacturer and the color is matched perfectly to your automobile’s paint specifications.

Auto Body Repair and Refinishing

In addition to bumper repair we also provide full service auto body repair and refinishing. Not only do we offer high quality auto body repair and paintwork, we take the utmost pride in our finish work.

While most auto body shops do great repair and refinishing unfortunately most of the time their finish work is subpar. When a painter sprays a vehicle, there are dirt particles in the air that attach to the paint surface which must be sanded and polished out along with run lines and orange peel. Other shops tend to focus more on production and the fact that most insurance companies won’t cover the cost of extra time spent for sanding & polishing each vehicle. Often times these imperfections are missed.

That is where we come in. After the repair is done and painting is completed, we inspect the paintwork and remove each and every imperfection as needed to ensure our customers get as close to a factory finish as possible. We can also polish the adjacent panels to match your newly refinished paintwork. With us being a high quality low volume service at Auto Salon at Leschi you can be assured your paintwork will be flawless before it leaves our shop. Guaranteed !

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