Auto Salon at Leschi FaviconCeramic Coatings

We offer two paint protection products.  Collinite Insulator wax and CQuartz UK 3.0 Ceramic Coating.  These two products are very effective in protecting your vehicle from harsh contaminants from several months to years. Collinite is included in our wash and wax, exterior detail and full detail services. CQuartz UK 3.0 is available as an add on to our exterior detail or full detail service.

Collinite Insulator Wax

Collinite Liquid Insulator Wax was originally developed for power companies to protect against high voltage power failure, electrical fires, and explosions. If it stands up to these conditions, imagine how well it will protect your vehicle’s paint.

Collinite has been making car care products since 1912. Collinite is one of those companies whose products have been kept virtually secret outside of professional detailing and body shops, and car show circles. That’s why there is no flashy packaging and labels on Collinite products. The truth is, it’s not really necessary. Collinite products sell themselves. Expect up to six months of durability from this fine wax with frequent maintenance washes. See our Super Wash on our Detailing Services page.




CQuartz UK 3.0

CQuartz coatings have been at the forefront of innovation in Nanotech ceramic coatings    for years utilizing a variety of Sio2 nanoparticles (Quartz) for swirl resistance and gloss enrichment, Tio2 (Titanium) to enhance depth and “self-cleaning” and a variety of other materials modified to bring forth the ultimate in functionality and aesthetics in paint proctection!

CQuartz leaves a thick glossy ceramic shell of protection that bonds to the paint and protects it from bugs, tree sap, bird droppings, brake dust, and the suns damaging UV rays for years.While dust and dirt sticks to wax and traditional sealants it slides off of CQuartz much easier allowing the vehicle to stay clean longer and wash off easier.

One of the most important features in your vehicle staying clean is the ability of the protective layer to release dirt and water.  CQuartz features an extremely hydrophobic upper layer which allows dust, dirt, and water to slide off easily.   While many products may bead or release dirt on some level, they do not compare to the dirt release properties of CQuartz advancements and industry leading sliding angle and repellency.

The incredible CQuartz UK formula is an extremely concentrated Sio2 coating offering intense depth similar to a Carnauba wax but with the properties of our nanotech CQuartz coating!  Other ceramic coatings have far less SiO2 (Quartz) in the product however CQUK has 70% SiO2 with 99.9% purity.  This is the first ever coating which has this concentration or purity of quartz!  The pure quality ensures the richness and depth over the surface, and also guarantees a long lasting coating with extreme strength and water-repellency.  Once the CQuartz UK solution meets the open air it cures and forms a hard ceramic quartz coating on the surface. Expect up to two years of durability with frequent ceramic coating maintenance washes.

CQuartz UK 3.0  Application: Two Coats Included

Small Car $600.00

Mid Size $800.00

Full Size $1000.00

X Large $1200.00






Ceramic Maintenance Wash: Utilizing CarPro Reset & Reload. (Decontamination with Iron X extra).





Small Car $75.00

Mid Size $95.00

Full Size $115.00




Auto Salon at Leschi FaviconHydrophobic Windshield Coatings

Auto Salon at Leschi offers two types of glass coatings. Trico View & FlyBy Forte. Both very hydrophobic windshield coatings that tremendously improve your visibility during rain showers and decreases blinding through scattered light at night by oncoming traffic. After the application you will notice intense water beading, and as you increase speed you will even see the rain dissipate from your windshield shedding water with ease. However we still recommend you use your wipers for best visibility ! By the way, ask us to install new premium wiper blades after your next detail.

Trico View Glass Coating From $35.00

Your wipers will run smoother, last longer and your windshield will shed water amazingly with Trico View. Expect six months of durability.

CarPro Flyby Forte Glass Coating From $75.00

Looking for a more durable, longer lasting glass coating? Ask us for Flyby Forte by Carpro. This coating will last two years. Recommended when you obtain CQuartz UK 3.0 ceramic coating.


Auto Salon at Leschi FaviconFabric Sealant Protection

303 High Tech Fabric Guard is a premium patented formula that restores your fabric’s lost water and stain repellency. Proper maintenance with 303 products will protect and add life to your fabric seats, carpeting and convertible tops.

Standard seating $50.00  – 3rd Row Seating $75.00 – Convertible Tops $75.00


We also offer 303 Aerospace Protectant for vinyl and plastic surfaces. Regular use gives 100% prevention of UV caused slow fade. No other “protectant” beautifies as intensely, protects as powerfully or lasts as long all while providing a non greasy satin finish.