Leather Conditioning

Leather seats start to crack and become brittle without proper feeding. Our leather conditioner will help keep your leather seats pliable, therefore reducing cracking and premature wear. Our leather cleaning and conditioning process is included in our interior, full detail or premium services or you may choose to have this process done separately. Auto Salon at Leschi uses Lexol Leather conditioner products. Lexol Conditioner is invaluable in breathing new life into old or neglected leather that has gotten hard, stiff or brittle. It extends the life of leather, protecting it from cracking and drying by renewing the natural oils used in the tanning process.

If you wish to have this treatment applied separately, the price is as follows:


In addition, Auto Salon offers a premium leather rejuvenation treatment using Leatherique products.

Leatherique® Pristine Clean and Leatherique Rejuvenator Oil work with a capillary action. The proteins, cleaners, and conditioners find their way deep into the natural pores of the leather and force out the dirt, perspiration, air pollution, and other toxins that dry out and destroy the fibers of the leather, depleting the fibers strength and flexibility, and causing them to deteriorate. Perspiration, and the salts left after its evaporation, easily find their way into the leather fibers. Notice on an older vehicle, the areas where a person rests their hands or arms, steering wheel, arm rests break down the quickest.

We recommend a preventative maintenance “face lift” twice a year, once prior to the winter season to prevent cold crack of leather, and once before the heat of the summer to prevent deterioration and shrinkage which result in continued cracking of leather.

LEATHERIQUE ® 24hr. Rejuvenation Treatment From $200.00


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