There are many ways that paint overspray finds a way to stick onto your vehicles paintwork. Here in Seattle there is lots of construction going on and much of it involves painting.

It could be a bridge, house, condo or a large commercial building. The problem is when these structures are painted because when the wind picks up the paint overspray can end up traveling up to a mile or more away from its source.


The result is the rough textured surface you get on your vehicle after it has sat nearby a construction site or maintenance project.

Often there are also road crews striping those yellow lines on the highway. You have most likely noticed the sign on the back of their truck saying “ Caution Wet Paint” and that it’s illegal to cross.


Unfortunately, sometimes the truck is long gone and if the paint is still wet after you cross over the yellow line it sprays all over your vehicle.

The good news is that you don’t have to live with the annoying paint spray, you don’t have to get your car repainted at a huge expense. We use our professional skills with a clay bar treatment and paint correction process to completely restore your car’s luster. At Auto Salon at Leschi we are experts at paint over spray removal. We can even remove concrete from your vehicle. Contact us to schedule an appointment for a free onsite estimate. We will take care of the rest.