Have you ever accidentally left your window or sunroof open during a rain storm overnight? Or maybe you spilled some water or other fluid inside your vehicle. Sometimes water can get inside your vehicle from the sunroof leaking. Drain hole tubes in the jamb of the sunroof or engine compartment cowling often need to be replaced or be cleaned out as they can get clogged over time from leaves, pine needles, dirt and debris. Water can also leak from the doors or rear hatch as the door seals get old, dry, crack and wear out over time. We specialize in car and truck water damage repair and restoration to bring your vehicle back to life in no time.

Unfortunate and unforeseen accidents with these types of spills find their way through your carpet causing the jute or foam insulation to get wet. Not only can standing water rust the floor boards and electrical components, it can also threaten you and your family’s health by promoting growth of dangerous mold and mildew.

Here at Auto Salon at Leschi our trained professionals will first remove your seats, center console and carpeting. Then we remove the soaked insulation and completely clean and dry the infected area.  We re-install everything and perform our interior detailing service and run ouDrivepur bacteria and odor removal system to kill mold or mildew.

Here are photos of one of our client’s car. Water had seeped into the carpet and insulation from the sunroof leaking.  As we pull the carpet away, you can see the insulation underneath is absolutely soaked through.

vw26-wet insulation vw28-wet insulation-2

Removing the insulation, notice water drip out onto the floor. There is no way this would have ever dried out if it hadn’t been removed.

Mold had already started to form on the door panel and the floor carpeting.

vw13-mold vw12-mold

The damp carpeting and insulation promotes mold and mildew which would affect your health, putting you and your family at risk. If we find any mold or mildew we will highly recommend adding our interior detailing service with the patented ™Drivepur Bacteria and Odor removal system. This system kills mold, bacteria, viruses and removes odors permanently.

Below, the new insulation is installed by our trained tech. The wiring has been cleaned and dried. In this case, the old carpeting did not need replacing but was shampooed, rinsed, dried and treated to remove any existing mold or mildew.

vw16-new insulation-2 vw18-Juan installing insulation Expert results ! We delivered the car looking good as new and more importantly, eliminating any risk to your health.

vw17-service complete

Seen below are some before and after photo’s of a customers car that had been outside all winter long with the rear glass broken out. Over time standing water had turned into severe mold growth through out the interior.

We basically had to remove and replace the carpets and insulation, then clean all the other surfaces several times, applied our Drivepur bacteria and odor removal system through the vehicle, then changed the cabin air filter.  Needless to say the customer was very pleased.

Did you know…

Most Seattle auto body shops and repair facilities recommend Auto Salon at Leschi for car water damage repair, mold removal and stolen recovery car interior reconditioning.

Your auto insurance policy often covers car water damage and stolen recovery interior detailing. Unfortunately when cars are stolen, the vehicle and particularly the interior is very often abused.

Give us a call or drop by. We will be happy to provide you with an estimate of repair. We
will have your vehicle’s interior clean and dry within a few days and have you back on the road again.