Fully Detailed Mercedes Interior

Auto Salon at Leschi

Auto Salon at Leschi was established in Seattle’s Leschi area in 2004. Conveniently located just off I90 and near the Mt. Baker Light Rail Station.  We serve the greater Seattle area including Madison Park, Broadmoor, Laurelhurst, Madrona, Leschi, Mt. Baker, Seward Park, Capitol Hill, Beacon Hill and the Rainier Valley.

We provide full detailing services. Specializing in deep cleaning interiors, bacteria & odor removal, water damage restoration, stolen recovery reconditioning, & paint correction. Maintenance services are offered as well as other specialty services that you can choose to add to your detailing service, which include paint less dent removal, windshield replacement, leather / vinyl repair and wheel repair. Our business is structured to offer very comprehensive services to restore your vehicle to original condition aesthetically or as close to as possible then our ongoing maintenance services are offered.

 Auto Salon at Lesch, Owner, Jeff GopalThe owner, Jeff G. has been an auto detailing specialist in the Seattle/Bellevue area for over 25 years. He is an expert in all aspects of auto detailing and personally trains all of his employees. Jeff is an X Boeing worker and incorporates his quality control experience into his operation. Before each delivery, every car is inspected by Jeff to insure our high level of quality work.

You can also be assured that you may safely leave your car with us knowing that it will be handled by our professional detail technicians and treated with the utmost care and consideration. Our building is safe and we maintain video security surveillance 24 hours a day. We are also licensed, bonded and insured.

Detailing the interior of a PorscheAt  Auto Salon at Leschi, we offer more than just average products and detailing services. We import compounds and polishes that do not contain fillers. This allows us to cut, level and polish your vehicle’s paint properly and eliminate the scratches, swirl marks and imperfections permanently.

Our Paint Correction Service is a process that removes imperfections in a vehicles paint finish or clear coat and is designed to remove hard water spots, oxidation, holograms, micro marring, scratches, swirl marks, impressions from bird droppings, tree sap and most surface damage. We offer multiple stages of polishing and can help you choose which process is best depending on the condition of your vehicles paint finish.

Along with our fine polishes, we use premium synthetic polymer paint sealants and ceramic silica sprays to ensure your vehicles finish will last six months or longer with regular maintenance. We also offer ceramic coatings that are developed using super advanced Nanotechnology. These premium products are very hydrophobic and typically from one to three years depending on which coating your choose.

Our interior products and detailing services are second to none. We do not use any harmful cleaners that contain ammonia, alcohol, or silicone dressings, nor do we use products that are shiny or attract dust. Our interior cleaners and shampoos are citrus-based, diluted with water and have little to no fragrance. Most of our interior reconditioning process is product free with the use of compressed air and steam.  We also use a special leather feed to condition your seats without leaving a shiny film. The end result is a non-glossy satin finish.  All of our detailing products and car wash soaps are also biodegradable and environmentally safe.

Our interior reconditioning process involves not just cleaning on the top of surfaces, but underneath them removing front and rear seats, center consoles, cup holders, carpets & spare tire. We clean places in your vehicle that you would never think to clean and that your average detailers tend to overlook. Each and every vehicle is also inspected for quality control before it leaves our facility.  For vehicles with high levels of germs & bacteria we offer PurTeq odor removal and anti-bacterial treatment as well.

We have an outstanding reputation for our high quality of work and customer service and have developed quality products and services our customers have come to trust. We take pride in our time-intensive detailing work, which is why we are a high-quality, low volume shop. We consider auto detailing an art form and it really shows in our work. We are truly Seattle’s premier auto detailing facility. Auto Salon at Leschi. Changing the way people think about Professional Auto Detailing. One vehicle at a time.