Auto Salon at Leschi FaviconCeramic Coatings – Paint Sealants

After your paint has been corrected it’s time to add some protection. Traditional paste waxes have fallen to the way side over the last several years making room for more advanced synthetic polymer paint sealants, silica sprays and ceramic coatings.  We have tested several paint protection products over the years and chose a few that we feel are the best, most durable and reasonably priced.

The main brand we use in house is P&S detailing products. This company is very well known in the automotive detailing industry for developing products that are super hydrophobic and effective in protecting your vehicle’s finish from harsh contaminants from several months to years. The depth and clarity we achieve on your paintwork with said products is absolutely amazing!

Our exterior and full detail both include our in-house paint sealant that typically lasts for two months with regular maintenance. If you choose to upgrade we offer our Si02 silica spray protectant that you can expect up to six months of durability while our ceramic coating offerings consist of a one year or a three-to-five-year coating.  After your vehicle’s finish is corrected and protected, we offer maintenance services to keep your paintwork flawless throughout the entire year.

When you arrive for your appointment ask about adding our Si02 silica spray protectant or one of our ceramic coating offerings to your exterior or full detailing service.



Bead Maker Paint Protectant is included with our exterior or full detail. Expect up to two months of durability. Option to add as a glass coating to your windshield or all the glass & mirrors. Expect up to six months of durability on your glass. $35.00 for windshield $100.00 for all glass & mirrors. 



Inspiration Defender from $95.00 – Expect up to six months of durability 


Inspiration Sole – One year coating from $300.00




Inspiration Legend – Three-to-five-year coating. A Premium Coating Experience from $600.00