A motorcycle that is properly cleaned and maintained will not only look better, it will be protected against rust and corrosion, oxidation and other damage caused by exposure from the elements.

Auto Salon at Leschi offers the best motorcycle detailing services in the Seattle area with specialized detailing products and techniques our customers have come to trust.

Due to the open structure of the motorcycle, the engine, exhaust pipes, wheels and frames are exposed to harsh road conditions. Motorcycle detailing demands exceptional attention and specialized skills. Paintwork, chrome, steel and aluminum surfaces, plastic fairings, leather seats and bags have unique cleaning and polishing requirements. While most owners can do a fine job washing their own motorcycles, it takes years of experience with special detailing skills to be able to bring a motorcycle to showroom condition and maintain that perfect look all year round.

Jeff Gopal removing the fairing from a Ducati
Carefully removing the fairing from a Ducati

The owner, Jeff G. has been a motorcycle enthusiast for the past 25 years. He has owned several bikes and knows how to clean them properly. Over the years he has developed extensive technical knowledge, detailing techniques and tested several exotic cleaning and polishing compounds, synthetic polymer paint sealants, ceramic silica sprays and ceramic coatings in order to use only the finest products on our customers motorcycles.

Spray washing the Ducati
Prepping a Ducati – every area of the bike is cleaned.


We work on any type of motorcycle including Sport bikes, Harleys, Cruisers, Dual Sport, Trail, & Vintage.

Correcting the paintwork on this Moto Guzzi