True Paint Correction Detail

 Automotive Paint Correction Services for Your Car, Truck or Motorcycle

PC1Our paint correction service is a process that removes imperfections in a vehicles paint finish or clear coat. These imperfections include water spots, impressions from bird droppings, tree sap, scratches, swirl marks, holograms, run lines, oxidation, lime or calcium deposits, paint over spray and most all other surface damage. Many of these issues can be resolved using advanced paint correction techniques. This process slowly removes microscopic layers of clear coat, leveling the paint and leaving a smooth and mirror like finish. Most high volume detail shops and car dealerships tend to cut costs on detailing products. Cost effective polishing compounds containing filling agents and finishing glazes contribute to the degradation of your paints finish. These products may temporarily give the appearance of a corrected paint finish, but the imperfections will reveal themselves after a few washes.

There are a few key ingredients to achieve paint correction, the right product, tools, knowledge and technique of a trained professional. At Auto Salon at Leschi we use Menzerna and Meguiar’s polishing compounds exclusively. These fine quality compounds contain unique non – diminishing and diminishing aluminum oxide clustered abrasives that work to eliminate defects in your paints finish without being to abrasive. This is refered as to SMAT or Super Micro Abrasive Technology. Scratches, heavy swirl marks and paint defects are Removed, not Hidden since there are no fillers in this formula. Product means nothing without experience.

Our highly skilled technicians inspect your vehicles exterior finish and take the necessary steps to correct your paint the first time. Our paint correction process can involve several hours to a few days of polishing depending on the severity of the damage and also if your paint is hard or soft.  If you want your paint to look amazing ask us about Paint Correction.

After your paint has been corrected it’s time to add some protection. We offer three types paint protection products. P&S Bead Maker Paint Sealant, Car Pro Reload Silica Spray and CQuartz UK 3.0 Ceramic Coating. All of these products are very hydrophobic and effective in protecting your vehicle from harsh contaminants from several months to years. P&S Bead Maker is included in our exterior detail and full detail service. Car Pro Reload and CQuartz UK 3.0 are both available as an upgrade. We can also maintain a perfect finish on your vehicles paintwork all year round with our non abrasive wash process. Ask us about maintenance services.

We will be happy to provide you with a free onsite inspection and estimate for our exterior detail & paint correction service. Book your appointment today


Paint Correction